Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grandpa a true story

Guess what? Someones knocking on my room. Looking @ my blackberry...What the hell?! It is 3.26 a.m ( Hahaha I am so happy!). Without a voice. Probably I could heard some whispering...none! Just knocking and knocking. Arghh..., my eye so lazy that I don't even want to wake up! But I have to! I'm not afraid...but, a little bit! Slowly I am walking...step by step...slowly. Nah...I know it! It's grandpa! What the hell is he doing, knocking on my door @ such an early morning?! Sigh! Then I open it.

G : I want to lock this door
JH : What??? How an earth am I going to get out tomorrow because I'm working!
G : Owh... (blur)
JH : Go to sleep grandpa! It's early in the morning!
G : Oh, ok! It's enough! Go to sleep child! Sleep!
JH : Ya! (patience)

Then I close the door with a stress look on my face. Arghhh, just have to face it. He's too old already. But I love him. He like to bla bla bla with me when I did some mistakes (even little one). He like to pee everywhere like a dog. The end.

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