Saturday, January 1, 2011


Doesn't the title look unnatural?!
Well its NOT, because its 2011 baby!
While I'm posting from my phone & pictures can't be pulled up they will very soon. I'm taking a much needed break from the computer (even though I can do everything on my phone). I rung in the new year nicely with new friends in VA! (Posted pics soon)

One thing I've said about 2011 is I'm not doing resolutions.
Why you ask, well I'm doing "goals" instead.
Because, A. Sounds more do-able
B. I can make a lot of goals & get them done
C. I made 11 goals (get it?)
D. And because I wanted to switch it up this year

So here are my 11 goals for 2011, keep me accountable, its going to be hard to fail these

1. Continue to cook from PW cookbook (one of my resolutions last year I didn't complete)
2. Excercise w/ friends by running or taking a class (any physical activity is hard for me to do, I know its actually depressing)
3. Get fed at Village church
4. Go exploring! (Hiking, biking, hunting, etc)
5. Love and serve others better
6. Do something off of bucket list! (check: went to cali!)
8. Eat better
9. Find a house!
10. Get a dog!
11. Celebrate more!

Ok see their not to to challenging..check on me throughout the year!

HAPPY 2011!!

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