Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a Middle Finger Issues!

Owh no! It's a middle finger issues!
& I blame it on my own middle finger! :-p
Hehe..ok! So which Divas you think
hot to win the game?

Lady GaGa.

I hate her. I only love her song.

Britney Spears.

I love Britney!

(Leave Britney alone!!!!!)

Avril Lavigne.

I love all her song. I think

'When You're Gone' is the most beautiful love song

I ever heard.

Jessica Simpson.

Why lot of people think she is not a good singer?

To me, she is!

Kim Kardashian.

I dun like this girl! She's a dumb a** bitch!

But she's rich!'s oh Björk!

Leave Björk alone!!!!!

ps : The first (edited) picture taken when I was studying. Tell you..., I am crazy + dumb + naughty + lazy stud!!!

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