Saturday, September 26, 2009


Ok so on a post dated April 11, I wrote about getting a tattoo and thinking I was going to go that night. It didn't happen. Yesterday while I was at work I thought "I want to get my tattoo and I want to get it today." I doubted myself in that moment because I had always talked about it. But I did it! And before I show pictures I want to tell about this tattoo: Back in winter of 2007 I went to Passion Conference and Francis Chan began telling this story of a caterpillar and how ugly and broken this thing was. The caterpillar also felt ugly and didn't think there was any point in living. It began this transformation turning into a butterfly and when the caterpillar saw its "new-self" and "new-life" it was shocked and felt so alive and beautiful. This caterpillar could now fly, see new things, and completely had new life. Thats my story of my life, going through those stages and when I found Christ I became new and a butterfly. I also think Ephesians 2:1-10 speaks of it too. Ok here are the pictures!

Caymen and Kelli are so sweet for going with me and being there with me, where it took longer to wait then to get my tattoo. Caymen was a great photographer documenting everything going on.

I think this is where Wes was getting the details just perfect.

Thank you so much Wes! And here is what the butterfly looks like:

I couldn't just end the Friday with a tattoo, I also colored my hair a dark brown and bought a Snuggie which you can see in this picture. I posted this pic for Sadie, as I'm typing with my very pink Snuggie on.
Even though I felt extremely tired during this week I can't thank God enough for what He has done through this week. I truly have to ask Him for my own strength and energy and to love others well, to serve, to sit beside someone and pray for them, to bear fruit.


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