Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I Would Say If I Ever Encountered DeShawn Stevenson

Photo via Truth About It
  • "Oh, hey. You're DeShawn Stevenson."
  • "Wow. There's a tattoo on your throat."
  • "I bet that hurt."
  • "Is that Abe Lincoln?"
  • "Hmmm..."
  • "Oh, there's a crack on your forehead."
  • "What's that about?"
  • "So, you don't crack, but you got a crack tattoo?"
  • "I'm kinda confused."
  • "You're saying the only way you crack is if you decide to crack yourself with ink?"
  • "I guess it kinda makes sense when you put it that way."
  • "What about in the winter, when your skin is really dry? I crack like crazy then."
  • "Chapstick helps."
  • "Not sure I get the 9 on your face."
  • "No, that's not right."
  • "No matter how far away I am, it's still a 9."
  • "Seriously."
  • "It's still a 9 from here."
  • "I really don't get your tattoos."
  • "Anyways, nice to meet you. Good luck with your face and neck tattoos."

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