Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Friday!

Oh my gosh!
Ok so I'm finding the coolest Bloggers and loving it.

I really want to do 50 exclamation marks for it, but I think y'all would get annoyed. From the great DesignSponge, I found an entry about a couple who was on there for a Before & After. This couple took their Scamp Trailer and completely renovated it, giving it a complete modern feel. This is amazing, check it out:
this is what their working with.

and the outcome

 I mean come on, this is great work. And if you want to follow along their adventures as I am going to start doing heres the link

Other juicy stuff, I'm going to paint my wall above my desk tonight with the help of a sweet friend Kelli. Were starting a project next week in Design that I'm thrilled about doing, because it incorporates photography and y'all know how much I like taking pictures (I can play with macro settings!) Although our art projects are very specific and have many guidelines, I know that God has placed me in these classes for a reason and He will work through me. 

As I have said before I will post pictures from my project when I can remember when I'm at home.

Everyone have an adventurous weekend


Had to do it

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