Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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I have completed my 3rd Design 1 project which overall didn't go as bad as I expected, but I was still disappointed in my self for the fact that I didn't put time to work on it more and didn't fully quite understand the criteria. I need to work on that.

I also need to work on studying more and spending time with the Lord. He deserves all my time rather than me thinking "my time & priorities" are better than His. I'm lame.

I also want to try something new, but its going to be hard to do and involves a lot of traveling. One of my favorite ways of seeing God is through water and how the sky casts from it. I want to start collecting water from different places I go, I want to touch all the water He has given us! I will need to start collecting: many jars.

I am so loving this fall weather and have concluded that this is my favorite season!
1. Changing of leaves
2. Cool weather which is nice in Texas
3. Pumpkins!
4. My birthday
5. Costumes! (non-slutty ones)
6. I get to proudly wear my Snuggie around the place
7. Lots of outside time

Yes for Fall!

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