Friday, September 4, 2009

I AM ALIVE and WELL, though camera-less

Here's a blast from the past... Peter 2 years ago (at Jeremy's exact age now; I really need to get pics of Jer!)

So... the REAL reason I have been blog lazy is because I don't have a digital camera anymore! AS IN, when we came back from our trip to Utah, the camera somehow did not make the trip with us. We have since moved to a new apartment... a TEDIOUS process in which I went through everything... still no camera. I think we may have (sadly) left it on the plane, because I'm pretty sure I packed it, and we probably used it as a distraction method for Peter or Jeremy during the 6 or so hours of flying. Sad!!
And I am ALL about writing posts BECAUSE of a picture. Thus... no posts lately. Alas. Maybe we will find it? (I don't think so, either.)

On a happier note, things are going great in our new place. We're in the same area... same ward and everything (since we love our ward!)... but now our rent is cheaper AND we live in the same building as friends! What!?!!? How AWESOME is that? I'll tell you... VERY awesome. So awesome, in fact, that my nearly stalked (by me) new BFF who lives two mere floors below me takes Peter for me on a regular basis... and I return the favor with her little one. AND we get together for spur-of-the-moment playground trips and walks. It is like a dream come true for me... as I am all about spur-of-the-moment get-togethers (and hyphens, apparently) and I need social interaction far more than I usually admit (yes, I finally realize that I AM my mother's daughter!).
LAST but certainly not LEAST... Robert may be going to...

That's right, DEUTSCHLAND! AKA, Germany!!! It's for a law school competition and it looks like he's in... fully paid by the school. If ONLY they paid for spouses (and kids) to come, too. I will miss him AND be super jealous that he gets to go to Europe! But I'm not-so-secretly hoping that maybe this Germany experience will open up international opportunities... so we can LIVE abroad... definitely a life-long dream of mine.
Well, folks. This post is wordy. And filled with ellipses. Gotta dig those three little dots... ahh. (-Jocelyn)

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