Monday, September 8, 2008

The Worst Shoe Commercial Ever

Allow me to expound on the various reason that this Converse commercial is the worst major shoe commercial of all time. BULLETS.
  • It stars Jalen Rose, John Starks, and Brevin Knight.
  • Starks and Knight have their voices altered as if they had inhaled helium. That's Jalen's real voice.
  • The guys seem to be playing a game of 2 on 3 in the abandoned building where Jim Carrey meets Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty.
  • The main selling point for the shoe that's being advertised is that it has helium in it.
  • Besides the fact that the main selling point of the shoe is that they have helium in them, the shoes are atrocious.
  • For whatever reason, Brevin Knight has his shirt off in his close-up. He also looks like Pusha-T.
  • Seriously, helium shoes.
Otherwise, great commercial. With that kind of advertising, it's hard to see why Converse went bankrupt for a while. Total shocker.

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