Monday, September 29, 2008

1000 Words: Bill Baptist Hates the New Orleans Hornets

The NBA's Media Day is one of my favorite off-season happenings in this beautiful league. Not only do you get unwarranted optimism and occasional lunacy, you also get some of the most hilarious pictures ever. These are the sort of pictures that last a lifetime; that bloggers will post and re-post, just because their absurdity is unbelievable.

Fortunately for us bloggers, Getty photographer Bill Baptist holds some kind of grudge against the New Orleans Hornets. Maybe he's a big Deron Williams fan. Maybe he used to live in Charlotte and can't stand the sight of the Fleur-De-Bee. Maybe he doesn't like the new uniforms just as much as I don't. Whatever it is, the pictures that the Hornets had taken are amazing.

The following vignette showcases what must be Baptist's signature pose -- the Basketball Shoulders. Surely these are some of the most ridiculous images to be captured on film. The Blowtorch salutes you, Bill Baptist. Well done.

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