Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Generally Bored and Definitely Broke

Yeah, yeah. I still haven't found the camera cord. Here's an oldie... back from our engagement pictures of all things... to keep you reading. I'll post some more random pictures along the way. It'll be fun!

So, as the title suggests, I am indeed bored and broke. It's funny, because I just don't get me. Do you ever feel that way? Like you are your own biggest mystery? I'm totally a hermit who hates being a hermit but can't seem to break out of it. I think I'm a combo act of my parents: I want to be like my mom (social butterfly and friend to all she comes in contact with), but I am inclined to be like my dad (prefers being alone in his room over mingling at a party... growing up, whenever we'd have a party of sorts, about halfway through I'd notice Dad was nowhere to be found; he'd always be up in his bedroom, hanging out with himself). The question is, how can I reconcile these two sides?

Sorry, this is getting psychological. I just feel bored and sooooo tired of my current hardly-ever-go-out-unless-I'm-picking-up-Robert-from-the-Metro lifestyle!! I guess it's part of the Mom life to often be stuck at home. And I guess since I have a(n almost) phobia of phones and thus outreaching (it takes a lot to get me to call most people, so if I've called you, pat yourself on the back)... it makes it even HARDER to get out.

AND THEN you add the "definitely broke" to it all. If you don't have someone you can hang out with (which you can't have every day anyway, even without the pseudo-phobias)... the next option is to go someplace. The thing is, most "someplaces" require money. I'm lucky to live in the DC area so the majority of museums are free... but I can only handle so many alone-with-Peter museum trips (we've done that one a lot) and zoo trips (fun, but always exhausting). So it leaves... a walk outside (one more reason I'm happy FALL is almost here; I can bear to be outside again!!!)... or the library.

But honestly... how many times can you go to the library in a week?!!??!?!

Okay. Enough whining. I'll sign off now. Post some ideas if you have any. Or just give yourself a mighty high-five for surviving this post!!! (-Jocelyn)

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