Tuesday, September 9, 2008

UPDATE sans pics (sorry)

Hello all. No, I'm not dead. Yes, I've been sicky and pregnant... not as bad as with Peter though by a LONG shot. Just mostly tired and generally nauseous. HAPPILY the nausea is all but gone (I'm 15.5 weeks now) and I still just have to grapple with wanting 10 naps a day! Haha...

My (already born) kid is super cute and I could prove it... if I could find my camera cord. One other excuse why I haven't blogged.

I am SOOO ready for fall. The past couple of weeks a day like today comes and teases me into thinking the crazy heat and humidity is finally going to subside! It's rainy today, overcast, and beautiful. I can't WAIT for the leaves to fully change (they're just starting to on our "backyard" trees... they'll be beautiful when they're all done)... I am LOVING wearing long sleeves (okay 3/4 today, can't quite justify long)... can't wait to wear sweaters... and I am currently eating homemade as of an hour ago pumpkin chocolate chip bread. PLEASE come fall and PLEASE stay for a while. Last year's fall was hardly here at all. Seriously. I need it.

Man a lot has happened. Here are a few highlights so I don't bore you with 12 pages:
  • I look fat... I mean PREGNANT... hoping I look PREGNANT and not fat...
  • Robert's and my birthdays passed a week ago so we are now officially a quarter of a century... yay 25.
  • Robert's interviewing for second summer associate positions and we're praying he gets "call backs" (second interviews)... but we feel grateful he already has an awesome job (the firm he's currently at) which is definitely an option for next summer... we'll see...
  • Peter is learning too fast to describe... he loves cars (I think "love" is too weak a word; is OBSESSED)... he learns about 3 new words a day it seems... and he is so adorably cute and lovable and cuddle-able, although he is definitely a toddler!!! (VERY curious and often very naughty...)
  • We took a very fun long weekend trip to NYC to visit our good friends (as very briefly described below). I think the highlight for me was seeing "Mary Poppins" on Broadway. SUCH a fun show!
  • My parents are coming for Thanksgiving and we can't WAIT!!!
Umm... I think that pretty much covers the big things. Life is going good, totally better today because of the rain and the pumpkin bread. Hope you forgive me for not blogging (and not reading blogs, oops)... and have a great day! :) (-Jocelyn)

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