Thursday, September 11, 2008

HAPPY Shout-Out on a Sad Day

We all remember where we were when the Two Towers were hit. I was in my dorm room. My roommate, Ashley, woke me up, frantic. Her mom had called and told her to watch the news. The first tower had been hit at that point. I was watching when the second was hit. It was an absolutely out-of-body, crazy, "this isn't happening in America" kind of day. And so I stayed in the dorm lobby, staring at the news reports, instead of going to my 10 a.m. tap class. Of all lame things, BYU counted missed classes that morning as absences. As if anyone could really concentrate in class anyway (even if it was just tap).

The night of September 11th, my family met in downtown Salt Lake to celebrate and forget the day's events a little. It just so happens, 9/11 is my Dad's birthday. We had planned a surprise party at the deli in his building. Pretty sure we didn't do the surprise, but we did gather. I was so grateful for that party. It was a way to escape into something normal... yummy deli food... singing "Happy Birthday"... watching my dad open presents... eating cake... I know I needed it. I think everyone else did, too.

So my unlucky dad (who was born a few years before the terrorist attacks) now shares his birthday with the most infamous date in current American history.

Now we get to the HAPPY shout-out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad!!!! He is an amazing man. He has the best sense of humor; he loves each of his children individually (and proved it over and over as we were kids, taking us out to special one-on-one Daddy Dates often... which ALWAYS involved him writing our current goals on napkins); he loves the gospel, loves the Lord, honorably holds the Priesthood (such a blessing growing up), and always follows the Spirit the first time (what an example!); he is quick to forgive and forget; he is silly (Peter LOVES him)...

...but also one of the sharpest business and creative minds EVER; he is generous and friendly; he's somewhat of a hermit (as stated in my last post), but he still reaches out despite his love of being alone; he adores my mother and treats her like his equal in every respect... they are truly best friends and eternal companions... I can't imagine them apart; he loves making deals, writing and accomplishing goals, and being optimistic; he is an impressive writer and eloquent speaker; he plays the guitar, the piano, and sings a great bass; and he is the best cheerleader, support, and financial backer (thanks for my wedding and my ENTIRE LIFE growing up!) a daughter could ask for.

I love you, Dad. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and smile. I hope to adopt more of your optimism, faith, and humor... among your many other good qualities. Hope it's a good one! (Love, Jocelyn)

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