Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gilbert Arenas's Engagement Story

When Gilbert got engaged, he was a little nervous. Sure, he knew Laura would say yes, but he'd never asked anyone to marry him before. He'd spent quite a bit of money on his lady's ring, and wanted her to like it. No, he wanted her to love it.

Laura had been pestering him for months to take her to the local state park. However, their schedules hadn't been able to find them any sort of time to get out to the park. Knee surgery is time-consuming! Finally, Gil took Laura to the park.

As Gil and Laura walked throughout the park, Gil made sure to keep the ring hidden. He'd keep his hand in his pocket or try to keep Laura on the opposide side of the ring box. Thankfully, a chill was in the air, so this wasn't a particularly unusual behavior.

When Gil and Laura finally made their way to Lover's Leap, Gil knew it was time. Surprisingly, most of the other patrons passed by, leaving Gil and Laura alone on a bench. While Gil and Laura sat side-by-side, Gil dropped to a knee, opened his ring box, and said, "Laura, I love you, will you marry me?"

"SHUT UP!" Laura replied, "Are you serious?"

"Uhhh...yeah. This is your ring," Gil stammered.

"Well, DUH I'll marry you!" Laura exclaimed.

Laura and Gil then kissed. Though it wasn't the smoothest transaction, Gil knew that Laura was exactly what he wanted, someone just as silly as him.

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