Monday, September 8, 2008

Deron Williams Is My Best Friend Ever

Oh yeah, me and Deron go way back. I remember that time when he that weird tiny Afro in college. That was so funny. Deron's just like that, always cutting up.

Like his beard now! Have you seen that thing? It's hilarious. Deron and I are always talking about how great beards are and then he goes and grows one. In China, no less! That's Deron for you. Always growing beards in China.

We talk about all kinds of stuff. I wore purple uniforms in high school, so I know exactly what he's going through out there in Utah. Believe me, when he first went to the Jazz he was freaking out about the purple uniforms. I had to talk him down quite a bit. At one point, he considered demanding a trade to the Bobcats because he loves orange so much. I wasn't too surprised; orange is my favorite color too.

It's been a while since we've been able to hang out, him being in Utah and all. That's why we Twitter with each other. Most of his tweets are pretty boring, but he's pretty busy. He was just telling me the other day about how much Carlos Boozer loves Greek food. Feta cheese, gyros, spanakopida; all that stuff. Deron told me that you DO NOT want to be around Boozer after he's had a few gyros. It's gross enough that the cucumber sauce gets caught in his chest hair, but his gas afterwards is otherworldly.

I'm just so happy for him. He's got his big contract, and a gold medal, and his Chinese beard. It's weird. I've had a few beards, and I have a job, and I bought a necklace a couple weeks ago. After all these years, Deron Williams and I are still going down the exact same path.

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