Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stephon Marbury Calls P. Diddy

P. Diddy: Bad Boy, baby. This Diddy.

Stephon Marbury: What up Puff it's Steph aka the Steph aka Starbury aka the Mothership aka Stephon Marbury aka Big Time aka Hollaback I'm bout to get me a jet son but not like the Jetsons but that show's CRAZY man they got that blazin' hott robot that gets 'em drinks and food and like does they laundry and all that maybe I will get me a Jetson on second thought then maybe that chick with the white hair with all them circles will come keep Stephysteph company now that I ain't gotta worry about ball I mean I'm still about ballin' but that ain't like something that keep Starbeezy up at night worryin' I need to get me to Europe Daddy but not Daddy in the gay way no homo right nonetheless I'm feelin' jets right now I wanna get one that turns into a car like that dude Shy of the Buff you know from that movie with all them crazy jets that try to like kill Will Smith I think one of those Rubik's cube jets is the jet I'm tryin' a get and I figured you gotta have at least three of them jets that turn into things so I need you to hook me up holla.

P. Diddy: This Jada?

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