Monday, August 4, 2008

Occasional Observations on Several Subjects VI

Lollapalooza headliners edition
  • I'm exhausted. We didn't even really go to that many bands but between wearing Nike Free 5.0s and Nike Fire Biscuits, my feet are struggling. And I had a basketball game on Sunday before we went. I'm not in good shape. Ergo, no pictures yet. I'll scramble together what relevant thoughts I have on the festival's headliners.
  • Radiohead is one of those bands I wanted to see before I perish. They're the main reason we bought tickets, in fact. And beside the fact that they were strangely quiet, they were amazing. I'm going to see them again, indoors. However, the fireworks during "Fake Plastic Trees" were poignant. Yes, poignant.
  • I've been regretting missing out on seeing Rage Against the Machine since I was a senior in high school. After seeing them Saturday night, I'm pleased. They were everything you'd expect from Rage Against the Machine. Creepy leg dance from Morello. Lecturing and general juicebagginess from De La Rocha. Stupid fans. It was a great time.
  • Except for the De La Rocha lecture. He's so wrong about so much.
  • This Kanye set was way better than the United Center one. No more weird space travel "plot." Less autotune. "Put On." It was bangin' the whole time through and it was awesome. Go see Kanye, please.

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