Friday, August 15, 2008

Stephon Marbury Calls Italy

Giorgio Napolitano: Ciao, questo è Giorgio Napolitano.

Stephon Marbury: Yo this Italy right cause I ain’t have no idea what you just said George-O I’m just callin’ cause I’m comin’ there in not too long and I wanna make sure y’all got somewhere to sell my shoes cause these shoes is hot in the street yo and ain’t talkin’ Rick Ross hot in the street where he ain’t really hot in the street the Starbury for real son so don’t front but I just also am lettin’ you know that I’ma be joining one of y’alls teams and I plan on winning some titles and some championships and gettin’ that Larry OB over to Italy don’t doubt that I know the exchange rate is messed up right now but I’m guessing you got somethin’ that means dime in Italyish and y’all must know I’ll be droppin’ whatever that is ON THE REGULAR ain’t no thang for Stephon aka Steph aka Starbury aka Steve aka Stephontigallo aka Massive aka NY4LIFE but it ain’t all Italydimes I’ma be on my jumpshot game I’ma be on my dunk game YOU KNOW I’ma be on my Steph-Away game I don’t that it translates exactly but it’s gonna revolutionize Europia like Michaelangelo Da Vinci or whoever that dude was holla.

Giorgio Napolitano: Qualcuno get me le Nazioni Unite immediatamente.
Moore on the picture, folks.

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