Monday, August 11, 2008

NY Blog from August!!!

I wrote this blog in early August and never got around to publishing it. It's random. Enjoy!:

Okay, so I said I would tell y'all about yourselves if you commented on my blog and I totally didn't deliver. Now's not the time, but I thought I'd at least admit my guilt. One day...

I am right now in NEW YORK CITY with our amazing friends Brecken and Justin (and their lil' bit, Reuben). Justin is currently a film grad student at Columbia (yes, he is very, very talented) so they are living in that area and experience the full swing of city life. New York is so much fun and I love visiting... but I think I would have to be a lot more hardy to live here. I'm fine with a smaller apartment and I actually really like the busyness, but the subways kill the deal! Almost NONE of the stations have elevators (or even escalators)... meaning you have to HAUL your kid, stroller, etc., up usually two flights of stairs for every subway. Brecken is a pro at this and I am seriously impressed. But I am a wimp...

(PS - Blogger LIES! This post was sooo written by Jocelyn and NOT by Robert.)

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