Friday, August 1, 2008

Starbucks off S Oyster Bay Rd.

My first entry as a blogger. 
Right in this moment I'm at Starbucks off of S Oyster Bay Rd. If you live in New York, you might recognize the street if you don't well then it doesn't have use to you. I walked here from Libby's house which was about a 20 minute walk. The weather was good considering my distance and the sky looked beautiful. 
I will go ahead and post what has happened since I have been here in Hicksville, NY.
Okay, so the copy and paste method doesn't apply to this.
Tuesday when I got off the plane Tania picked me up and we drove right into the city. We were meeting Jessica there, but in the meantime we walked around. We went into a museum where everything was made from mosaic tile, even the floor and chandelier's. What a cool job to say "oh today I'm going to build something from tiles." After that we met up with Jess and stopped for lunch at a nice Italian restaurant. More walking to an assortment of stores, two more museum's. The first just had a variety of art pieces and the second one this artist painted cartoon like pictures, but many things were 3D so you were up close and stuff. If I can post pictures on this (which I hope) I will do that. I'm still getting a feel of this. Jessica split from us because she had to go to work and Tania and I went to this restaurant where Heath Ledger used to party! After that we met up with Pete and Steffen and went to another nice restaurant called Jane where I had the Jane burger. 
Wednesday, I spent the afternoon with Libby. Jessica picked me up around 4 and we went to Port Washington to take the train into the city. Her brother Ryan came along also. It took about 40 minutes and once we got into the city we walked to the Empire State building because thats where Pete works, on the 43rd floor. The view was so beautiful, so God thank you for giving me eyes that can see across everything. After Tania came we all walked to the theatre where Jessica wrote a play. Before we got there though we stopped at Chipotle. We saw ten, ten short minute plays. Half were serious like and the other half were funny. Jessica's was part funny/serious called Atlantic City, it was good. After that we went to sushi restaurant. I think I realized I don't like sushi anymore which makes me sad, but I will give it one more shot and see how it goes. They dropped me off after and I went to bed.
On Thursday, Cindy, the comfort keeper came and hung out with us for the afternoon. She also took me to the grocery store because grandma lacks in the food area. I watched TV and movies during the day which was fine with me. I took a walk and spent time with grandma. 
This is all that has happened so far. God is teaching me patience while I am here which is just what I need. I hope He continues to open my eyes so that I may learn new things.
Thank you for reading (if you weren't too bored and able to focus), this will probably be the longest entry.

He is great, bless you.

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