Monday, August 4, 2008

On the window seat

I'm learning that God is continuously my Creator, a Refuge and Forgiving. I'm doing a 30 day journey thing learning the different attributes about God. I think this is more for baby Christians, but its opening my eyes so I like it. 
So last time I wrote was Friday and that night Grandma and I watched Rain Man I believed. Dustin Hoeffman and Tom Cruise, good actors, watch it if you haven't. On Saturday the CC Jennifer came, so sweet. She looks 22, but she's 30 so I had to make sure I was having a conversation on her level and not thinking she was my age. It drizzled here and there, and I took a walk while grandma sat outside. We ate dinner, watched some TV and went to sleep. It was good. On Sunday my uncle Micheal and Aunt Anne came, we ate breakfast and talked. Tania picked up around 1 and we went back to her Port Washington home. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, went out on the water and watched people tube and water ski. Came back and grilled steak and chicken. I friggin' love grilling, I want to do it more. We hung out all day with friends, it was really fun. I like being at her place. I came back home and hung out with James, Booby and Eric for a bit. So it was a good weekend.

Today is Monday, and Nora (CC) is here today. Grandma L got some blood work done, we went grocery shopping and now I'm here. I don't know what else is happening today. I play it by ear really, I'm fine with that.

I'm still learning patience so God is opening my eyes through that.

Its beautiful today in New York, I hope its the same for you in your hometown.

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