Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here, There, and Everywhere

Rather than HOTT (two Ts, yes) content here, I'm in and about other places as well. For instance:
  • I consider everything I do with Skeets and KD over at Ball Don't Lie an internship of sorts. They're probably happy to have the help and I'm definitely happy to have the exposure. The latest greatness is the All-NBA Olympics that Skeets and I are doing. It's pretty hilarious and as we get deeper and deeper into obscure events, it'll only get more ridiculous.
  • Also of note is my lifestyle curation at cooler than that. Basically, it's everything that I think rocks sauce. Read it and be cultured. Additionally, if there's any other Tumblr blogs I should be following, let me know.
  • My Twitter is off the hook/chain/heezy for sheezy right now. Follow me and I'll follow you. It's nice that way.

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