Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Phone Call from Stephon Marbury to Jerry Colangelo

In Beijing, a phone rings in Jerry Colangelo’s mobile office…

Jerry Colangelo: Hello?

Stephon Marbury: Yeah what up Jer I’m jus’ callin’ to see when we startin’ team USA practice I’m pumped to be headin’ to China dog they food there be CRAZY son I’m talkin’ egg foo young and fried rice and fortune cookies and THE GENERAL B the General is gonna be crazy yo we talkin’ actual Chinese General not that whack Panda Express nonsense actual Chinese General it’s gonna be RIDICULOUS but anyway I just wanna see when practice starts I been workin’ on my game it’s all I been doin’ Jer well except the head tattoo that thing’s itchy as all get-out for real though my step-back is looking tight and my fall-away I even added one ain’t no one seen yet call it the Steph-Away it’s basically a step-back plus a fall-away which is unguardable but you already know that I figger I’ll prolly drop a dime here and there cuz it get boring otherwise for the other dudes I mean you know I don’t mind shooting whenever wherever but for real JerBear we takin’ it this time no sweat we takin’ it we are I ain’t care if Yao and E and Dirk and Caveman and all them other dudes playin’ for Greece again that was a fluke we can’t be stopped holla.

Jerry Colangelo: Who IS this?

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