Friday, September 7, 2007

Tony the Tiger

Can YOU believe Peter was ever this little (the two following shots were taken the day he was born, 2/9/07)? I can't!

A month ago at Aunt Megan and Uncle John's:

Yeah, yeah, I'm a bad blogger. I haven't blogged in OVER a week (gasp!). I apologize and I ask for your blogging forgiveness. I really will try to be better! Honest!

Okay, now that the groveling is over with . . . how have you been? Life here has been the same (one of the reasons I haven't blogged; nothing much to blog about). The day after Robert's birthday we bought Peter a really cool new jumper called the
Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo (see the pic below; I'll post a pic of Peter in it when I find the camera spare battery, haha). The poor guy was getting bored of just playing on the ground with the same old toys, so we used some of our birthday money to get him this, and it was definitely worth the sacrifice! He LOVES it. It's really funny to watch him spazz out and jump so freely and happily that his little head bobs and his arms flail. Believe me. It's cute.
Otherwise, Robert's still keeping up with the law school work and we even find time to watch free movies (Blockbuster Total Access free trial, check it out: and play games (like Zelda: Twilight Princess on the GameCube--his birthday game). We've also checked out the Natural History Museum (holy diamonds, batman!) and the city in general (you know, driving by the White House and the monuments is all in a day's work).

Well, I don't really know what else to blog about, so here you go. Sorry if it was boring! I'll try to think of new things to say. In the meantime... "peace out" (Chip-style from Napoleon Dynamite) and have a GRRRRRRRREAT weekend! (-Jocelyn)

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