Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Bob Blog

Whenever I read the name of this blog, I think it says, "Ellament and the BLOB." I'm not a blob!

Then I got to thinking today, "What if we called this thing the Bob Blog? Or better yet, the Blob Blog? Not that that has any relation to my name whatsoever. It's just interesting." Then I hit myself because I was saying these things out loud at the law library and everyone was staring at me funny.

Today is my birthday. Jocelyn stayed up until 2:30 last night decorating and cleaning the house for me, then she woke up at like 6 to make breakfast (the best German Oven Pancakes ever). Then she gave me some sweet gifts, which I loved. Especially the cheetos. I've already eaten a pack.

But the best gift of all, which was partially from Peter, was a slideshow with music that she had created called "I Love DAA-DAA!" (spelling is uncertain). It's full of pictures of Peter and I (and a few with Jocelyn, of course) in chronological order. Take a look!

Thanks Jocelyn! You're the best! (-Robet)

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