Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mr. Independent

No, I haven't found my camera cord. These cute pics were taken at our last BYU ward activity (just a couple weeks ago) and are compliments of our friends Brittney and Joe.

The past few weeks, Peter has really come out of his shell. I told you all about his verbal exuberance in the last post . . . now onto his eating.
We give Peter rice cereal, something that's been on again/off again since he was four month old. (He wasn't ready for it, so we had to keep retrying, etc.) Now we feed it to him everyday, but he has recently decided (this week) that he no longer wants to be FED. He wants to be independent and feed himself. Yes, that's right. My six month old baby will absolutely refuse to open his mouth for rice cereal unless he himself is holding the spoon. We don't know if it's unusual or anything, but we certainly think it's funny. He either has his hand on the spoon to help us feed him (so he's guiding the spoon and thus feels like he has some control) or he has it all to himself. He actually does just fine holding the handle and getting the spoon part in his mouth. He is insanely messy after eating, of course, but still . . . a lot of the food does make it into his mouth.
I am so not in the mood to unpack. I'm trying to get motivated again. I was extremely motivated the first few days, and now I just want to arbitrarily throw everything away. (The fact that a huge majority of the unpacked boxes are my clothes is keeping me from doing that.) I've unpacked a couple of boxes today, but it seems like I will NEVER be done! Darrrgh!
Robert's loving his law school orientation. Aww, my brainy, geeky husband. I love him so. I miss him so! I'm seriously afraid for the first year of law school, because EVERYONE tells us to brace ourselves (and for me to get used to the idea of being essentially husbandless). Let's just say I am relying heavily on the Lord to give me the strength to get through, because despite my own independent nature, I very heavily depend on Robert as my best friend, support, emotional reassurer, chore buddy, co-parent, etc. It's hard to think of having a bad day and not being able to call in Robert reinforcements (a luxury I got used to with him working at the lovably flexible MTC). *Sigh.* I guess we're really, really grown-ups now, with one sad exception: All the responsibility and sacrifice, minus the income. Haha. (-Jocelyn)

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