Thursday, August 2, 2007

MTC Invasion

So I am totally crashing the MTC today, Peter as my sidekick. Seriously, though, I'm currently typing to y'all from Robert's desk on his LAST day of work. Crazy!

We have been packing up a storm, so we don't have too much more to go before we are DONE! Last night, we had a packing party with our friends Mike and Maribeth. They were such a huge help . . . we got most of the kitchen done and then we celebrated by playing Gamecube. :)

Today was Peter's six-month check-up. He weighs 14 pounds, 11 ounces (a whopping 3 pound gain from last month!) and is doing well overall. The shots, as usual, were pure torture. He doesn't do well with shots. He didn't cry too bad when they actually gave him the shots, but afterward, he always has a rough day. So today has been filled with lots of crying . . . cuddling . . . Infant Tylenol . . . and more crying. I hope he feels better soon!

Well, here's hoping your world is splendid. (And forgive the boringness of this post; I blame it on lack of sleep and tons of stress!) (-JoJo)

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