Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Packing Pause

Hello All. Don't worry . . . I won't spoil Harry Potter for you if you are STILL reading!!! I just have to say, I loved it. LOVED it. It is my favorite book of the series. Yay! :)
Packing is my current life activity. I'm taking a blog break right now (duh) so you guys don't feel TOO neglected . . . but I have LESS THAN A WEEK (4 days to be exact) before we load the truck, so I have got to get cracking! My beloved sister Annette came over with PJ this morning and helped me out a ton (THANK YOU!!!) so I now have a great head start. She even gave me a mandate (and I mean MANDATE) to pack 10 boxes after she left. I have done 2 so far, so I'm getting there.

Well, I'd better get back to packing before I feel like a slacker. I can't believe we're leaving so soon . . . and the hardest thing is knowing we are leaving so many friends and family members in Utah! It is super hard to say goodbye to all of these people I have grown to love. For me, it's not hard to leave Utah. I am not really committed to one place over another. Robert seems to feel pretty much the same; we both don't know where we'll end up in the future, and we don't really care. We'll go where the Lord takes us. But it IS hard to leave people we love. We will miss all of you! Please DO visit! (-JoJo)

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