Monday, July 9, 2007

Sleeping Snuggle

Peter has started to take consistent naps! Hooray! I have read up on it a lot (me the research nerd . . . I actually love research, which is one of the reasons why I am such a geek) and have been following all the good advice I have accrued. Finally, something clicked and Peter has been napping wonderfully.

I put him down for his morning nap today as normal, with his Teddy. (Robert and I have been uber-careful to not put any blankets or stuffed animals in the crib up until now, but I read that by 5 months, it's pretty safe to give a stuffed animal that the baby can then associate with sleep.) I went in to check on him a few minutes ago . . . and this is what I found:

SO CUTE, huh? Peter rolled himself to his side (his favorite sleep position) and wrapped his entire body around Teddy. Can't you just feel the love? :) (-JoJo)

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