Saturday, July 7, 2007

We're Alive!

Hello All. Yes, I have been bad at blogging. Bad me! But I hope you enjoyed Robert's "no comment" Harry Potter post. We're both pretty pumped about the movie and OF COURSE the book.

I have lots of excuses why I haven't blogged lately, but the most fun is that I was busy at various family reunions!!! First was Robert's family's reunion, which was in Idaho, near Yellowstone. Next was my family's reunion, here in Happy Valley. We had so much fun at both and we loved hanging out with our families, even if Robert doesn't get vacation pay (his job is a "student" position still) so it took sacrifice to participate. It was worth it on both accounts and yes, Peter loved every minute (especially playing with his cousins!).

Speaking of Peter... the doctor recommended we supplement formula (in addition to nursing) to ensure he's getting enough calories everyday (since he's so skinny). We've been doing it now for a week and a half now and already he is starting to chub out! I wish I could post a picture, but alas, our camera is MIA. I really really really hope we find it soon... I think it's somewhere in our apartment... but in the meantime, you'll just have to imagine.

It's almost exactly a month until we move to D.C. and we are excited, if not a little scared still. It's such a huge change and there is a lot that needs to happen before the move (ahh! packing!!!), but I know it will be a fun adventure and a positive experience. We're excited to be near some of my extended family and to make new friends (while of course keeping our awesome and amazing old ones). That's the hard part -- leaving all the people we love, our family and friends. You'll just have to make it easier on us by VISITING! :) Hahaha... no, but seriously. Visit us... PLEASE?!? (-Jocelyn)

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