Friday, July 13, 2007

FLYing My Boys

Hey all y'all! Don't you just love Southern expressions like that? Seriously, I do. I just love the word "y'all" generally, and despite the fact that I have never set foot in a single one of the Southern states, I still find excuse to use "y'all" in my everyday vocabulary. (As a note: I did have several Southern roommates during my single years, so I did have that taste of Southernness.)

Anyway, as the title suggests, I have lately been FLYing. You may think my capitalization skills are slipping, but no, I meant to type FLYing, and if you have any idea why I capitalize "FLY," then you probably know what this paragraph is about. I am a cluttery person. Let's just get it out there and face the facts. I am! I don't intend to be, and I actually LOVE to have a perfectly organized, clean house, but my natural inclination is toward clutter. As such, lately I've been striving to get my home in more consistent, better order (not just clean for company, haha). I have discovered my secret: I love her! She teaches you how to build the habit of organization slowly, but effectively. It has really been working for me, and her motivational quotes make me smile everyday. My current favorite:
[Aim for] progress, NOT perfection!

I am a perfectionist (in all aspects of my life) so this is a great one for me. Don't get down on yourself if you're not perfect, because face it, you never will be in this life. (Could insert a whole doctrinal discussion here, but I'll spare you. Visit if you feel so inclined and search for "perfectionism.") You ARE however expected to (and thus quite able to) progress little by little every day. So work on PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION.

As far as "my boys" are concerned . . . they are just both too lovable for words. My little one is currently gurgling and cooing on the floor (happy sounds, I promise) while my big one (aka, the husband) is working hard. I am so blessed to have these two in my life and I feel so honored to be their main woman (at least for the next 21+ years for Peter). They are just so photogenic, too! To prove it . . . here are some shots I've taken over the past few days:

Peter (who loves sticking out his tongue lately, as shown) and Robert swinging.

Last night, while we were drying Peter's (peed on) sheets, Robert took a nap next to Peter . . . and I got it on film. SO sweet, huh?

I love MY boys! (-Jocelyn)

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