Sunday, August 19, 2007


This is going to be a blog with just pictures, because (hooray) I found my camera cord. I actually don't have a good shot of Peter's tooth, but I'll try to get one later . . . when he's not napping.

Enjoy! And be sure to read the next blog and give me some recipe ideas. Seriously. I need them!!! (-Jocelyn)
Here are a few shots from our extremely fun trip to Bear Lake with our friends Lauren and Jennifer and their daughter Adalyne. Peter and Adie had so much fun playing . . . and so did the grown-ups!

This shot is of Robert and Peter on our new balcony (so nice). See our beautiful "backyard" view? (I'll post more pics of our apartment later . . . once our boxes are all sorted away. Yes, we are STILL unpacking!!!)

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