Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vocal Chords

<<< We took a casual stroll by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the other day. It's just four blocks up from GW!

Still haven't found the camera cord. Sorry. I can't wait to publish photos of Peter's cute little tooth (yes TOOTH) and our new apartment . . . but alas, you'll just have to wait.

If you know Robert and me, you know that we are very vocal people. We love to sing, we love to talk . . . we love to use our vocal chords. (If you know my family, you won't be surprised to know that I am actually one of the QUIETER of the bunch. Seriously!)

I just say all of that to preface Peter's newest revelation: yep, his vocal chords. It shouldn't be shocking, since we're his parents, but man, he can scream! Today especially he has had a very fun time talking VERY loudly and SCREAMING (at sonic levels) just for fun. Yes, for FUN! Not because he's mad . . . just because he can. Oh boy. I am a little scared for the toddler/tantrum years.

Robert's at his first day of law school orientation today. I'm having a "down" day. We've been going-going-going to unpack and get so much done before school starts, and I just need a day to veg out and be lazy. So I'm taking it. I have unpacked a little today, but with my mom's permission (thanks, Mom, for making me feel like I can take a break and still be okay), I am going to take it easy . . . and worry about unpacking later.

Have I mentioned that we have a gorgeous view of trees (really, really tall and thick New England trees!) from our living room? Ahh, I love it. Welp, have a great day! (-Jocelyn)

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