Monday, August 27, 2007


Happy Birthday to me and all that jazz (it was yesterday). I had a wonderful day (although my cell was on silent for the majority... then it died... aka, sorry if I missed your call, but I loved the voice mails!). Robert treated me like a princess and made me breakfast (his famous french toast), took care of Peter (changing every diaper and taking him during all of church so I could attend all the meetings), and showering me with gifts, love, and attention. We also went to my Aunt Sue and Uncle Brian's for dinner and they had a cake and presents for me, which was a welcome surprise. Thanks everyone!

So now I'm twenty-four. Is it weird to be embarrassed to tell people your age because you feel too young? Seriously. I feel like my grown-up life as a wife and mother sounds too grown-up for twenty-four. Is that odd or what? I think I'm going to try this year to enjoy this age to its fullest (and try my best to not cringe when people ask my age).

Welp, I know why you really read this blog. It's for pics of my CUTER THAN BELIEF son, Peter. So here you go. (-Jocelyn)

On the swings at a nearby park (he LOVED swinging as you can see):
FINALLY here are a couple pics of Peter's two teeth (they're on the bottom):

*In case you didn't know or you've forgotten: Robert's twenty-fourth birthday is Wednesday!

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