Monday, September 17, 2007

Life in the 'Hood

Just kidding. I don't live in a "hood" in the street-violence sense of the word. However, I do live near DC, and other than my stint (study abroad) in London, I have never lived this close to a big city. It's pretty fun!

Rachel asked me to let you all in on what life is like in DC. Well, I can tell you my side of the story. Robert can tell his side later (which he was planning to do anyway with a photo diary of sorts; you'll see).

My day is pretty typical. That's why I haven't blogged about it up to this point. Basically, I feed Peter several times; play with him whenever he's not sleeping (he takes a morning and afternoon nap); go on a walk to a park every day or so with Peter; and take care of myself (eating, reading, blogging, showering, etc.) during Peter's naps. Robert leaves in the morning and gets home at around dinnertime typically. We eat together, then put Peter down to bed (Robert reads him poetry or stories, which I love), then it's study time for Robert, whatever time for me. We sometimes play games or watch a movie after Robert's done studying, and then we call it a night.

I know, you just can't handle the excitement! To be honest, my life here is pretty similar to my life in Utah, except now I take Robert to the metro and back sometimes (and we have an amazing apartment and beautiful trees everywhere). Some days, I go on errands... but once again, pretty typical. On Saturdays, Robert and I try to get out and go sightseeing which is a little more impressive (Smithsonians, monuments, etc.).

There you have it, Rach! Sorry it's a snoozer! (-Jocelyn)

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