Friday, September 21, 2007

WLC 2: The Basics

Hello everyone! Well, as you may remember... this is the much anticipated (by me at least) first day of WLC (Weight Loss Challenge) reporting. I am happy to say that I (drum roll, please):

LOST 1.4 pounds this week!


It feels good to lose weight. It feels even better to just be healthy. I have so much more energy and self-confidence, simply because I am doing the basics: eating well and exercising.

I subscribe to the Weight Watchers–induced mindset that you should enjoy eating to the point that you savor each bite (rather than just devouring it without thought). In other words, as I read from a Weight Watchers success story earlier this week, it's all about "discipline, not deprivation." That positive attitude is so important to me in my goal to be healthy and lose weight. My survival, must-eat-everything-in-sight-except-the-ramen (ewe) instincts kick in when I start to think that I'm depriving myself. It's kind of sad, but true. So I've learned that I am much more likely to succeed when I let myself eat what I want—just in moderation, keeping track of what I eat (food journals, woohoo, another topic for another day).

Also, as part of eating, I try to include at least five fruits and vegetables (it gets easier as you get used to it and buy with this goal in mind) and at least six glasses of water a day. And you know what? When I get my fruits and veggies and my water, my cravings for high calorie foods (aka CHOCOLATE) go down, because my body is satisfied.

The second basic component of my WLC is exercise. I'll delve into this topic in more detail in future weeks, but basically, exercise is good. Simple as that. It's hard to get motivated to do it sometimes, but it really makes a difference in my overall well-being.

There you go! Hope you survived the schpeal. Now for some cute Peter pics, taken when he was tired at his jumper. He loves this thing so much, he'll keep jumping with his head resting on the side when he's ready for sleep. It's pretty cute. :)

Have a great week! (-Jocelyn)

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