Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School of Law

Here is my official report on what life is like for me, attending law school at GWU. First of all, it's fun. It's fun living near the heart of our national government. It's fun passing the Pentagon every day on the metro. It's fun realizing how many movie trailers feature national monuments that I am now well acquainted with:

Seriously, this shot of the Washington Monument sitting across from the Reflection Pool is featured in almost every movie that has anything to do with the government. Upcoming examples: National Treasure 2, Rendition, and Lions for Lambs.

Anyway, let me give you a quick recap of an average day by way of pictures.

First, I leave the house (after getting ready and eating breakfast, usually a bowl of oatmeal provided by Jocelyn).

Sometimes Jocelyn drives me to the metro, but on this particular day, I'm taking the bus.

Once I arrive at the metro station, I pass my wallet over the entrance gate to the metro. This thing is really smart. It scans your metro card through your wallet--very fast and efficient.

Here's the metro!

I end up at the Foggy Bottom station (which received its name from the smoke-filled atomosphere back in the days when there were tons of factories here). Then I ride the escalator up out of the underground subway.

From there, it's about a ten minute walk to the law school. Here's one of the many hot dog stands I pass on the way.

Here's the law school courtyard. (That's George Washington standing there).

And here's the main entrance of the law school.

Now I'm studying between classes in a secluded corner of the law library, trying to write a memo that's due by 6 p.m. I had to predict whether a bunch of kids had a false imprisonment claim against a golf course greenskeeper that kept the kids under an awning for nearly an hour while he filed a report on them for suspected vandalism. I used case law to show that the kids did have a false imprisonment claim.

After a hard day of Contracts, Civil Procedure, and Criminal Law, I'm off for home, where my wife and baby boy greet me.

Eventually, I have to do some homework. Below is a picture of the books I have to read from before school tomorrow. I estimated that with all of the reading they assign, I'll have read about eight thousand pages of legal material by the end of my first year as a law student.


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