Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bad Mommy Day

(To the tune of John Denver's "Sunshine on My Shoulder"): "Comments... on my blog... make me happy... comments... on my blog... make me smile..."

Thanks to all of you who commented. It always makes me happy to see that someone out there cares. And it makes me even happier that all of you told me your little happy moments. Yay!

Well, as the title suggests, today is a "bad mommy" day. Have you ever had one of those? Okay, you may not be a mommy, but I think you can still relate. Right now, Peter is staring at the TV screen. That is right (GASP) the TV screen. He looks like a very cute little zombie, eyes glued to Baby Einstein's DVD Baby Mozart.

I have always tried to limit TV time because it makes me feel guilty, and this article made me feel even worse about the tool I sometimes so "heartlessly" employ, frying my child's brain. I justify it... you know, saying that at least he's hearing classical music (and Mozart at that) and hopefully that's helping him... somehow? But the truth is, this DVD is my go-to-guy for when I just need a break!!!

Today, Peter has been stellar (as is typical for him; I really am blessed with a good baby, because it's not something I'm doing!)... but I'm starting to get a sore throat and earache and just feel blah. So Peter got bored of playing with his toys by himself. So I, being a "bad mommy" today, plunked him in front of the TV and let him gape.

Now my question is... does that really make me a bad mother? And further, if I have an even WORSE day and I resort to the DVD oh... three... four times (this has happened, ahem)... does that make me evil?

*Sigh.* I hope not. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that I was often glued to the TV and I'm not too messed up, right? Right?!? (-Jocelyn)

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