Monday, February 28, 2011

Danielle's Picks! (Oscar's edition)

I had such a great time watching the Oscar's last night, which I have never done before until this year. As you get older, you start to appreciate award shows such as this and for me I'm looking at the artistic appeal of everything. It was wonderful, I don't care how nerdy that sounds!

This week for picks I wanted to focus around the Oscar's, obviously!
Here's what I was so drawn to:

1. Michelle Williams: the dress, the pixie cut, her classic touch. For me, I don't know whether I could pull the hairstyle, but I would totally walk the streets with this geometric dress from Nordstrom. Its bold like Williams hair.

2. Sandra Bullock: the cut of the dress, the redness, actress. I've always been a huge fan of Sandra from her movies to her personality to the way she presents herself (looking stunning last night, as usual). This gave me the craving to wear a red dress with pockets from Target.

3. Natalie Portman: smile, presentation, beauty. Natalie is another classic actress that I am continuously drawn to for her the way she carries herself and her choice of dresses. The dress I paired it with is from JCrew and gives that right amount of beauty for when your going to a wedding or nice event.

4. James Franco: yeah I'm not a boy, but last night for the men seemed to be all about bowtie's and I loved it! The suit Franco sported last night completely stole my heart (as well as JT, Colin Firth and Huge Jackman)

Now my question for y'all is: Who do you think displayed the best outfit at the 83rd Oscar's?

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