Monday, February 14, 2011

Danielle's Picks!

happy love day!
We're back to Monday, which means another round of my picks for the week! 
As the spring temperatures come back (yay!), I'm reminded of God's renewal and what He has in store for me this year! The winter months are a rough patch for me, so being able to feel this warmth is a sweet reminded of who He is. He will never leave, grow weary or forsake me.

I picked some good stuff for this 70degree weather!

1. Whoever came up with the design for these Steve Madden sandals is genius! 

Sandals: Steve Madden 'Saffarri' sandal

2. These just look super comfy and I want them!

Pants: Petronella Pants, Anthropologie

3. The sun will blare your eyes, so you'll need a hat to cover up! And to be cute around the town!

Hat: Saltwater Fedora, Anthropologie

4. I hope to spend a lot of time on the Denton Square getting some Vitamin D and reading this book.

Book: Just Being Audrey, Anthropologie

5. More recently I have started painting my nails again. A hobby which I did through my childhood years, matching my nail polish to outfits. So with that, I need a new spring color, here is what I'm thinking.

Nail Polish: Texas Big Hair, Big Nails, OPI

6. What are your thoughts on wrap bracelets? Still in style? I think so.

Bracelet: Heritage Leather Wrap Bracelet, Banana Republic

7. Stripes, duh!

Blouse: Stripe Button-back Tee, JCrew

8. With a blouse comes 5" chino shorts

Shorts: 5" Chino shorts, JCrew

9. And to end it off, a coffee mug to have when your sitting on your balcony soaking up the rays or if your the kind of person that takes your mug anywhere!

Mug: Heart Tulip Mug, CrateandBarrel

Once again, happy loooooooove day!
Je t'aime!
Te quiero!

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