Monday, February 7, 2011

Danielle's Picks!

Okay I have dedicated Monday's as being: Danielle's Picks!

I will throw stuff on here I believe is essential for the week (applying to girls, but I might be biased and pick stuff I would want)

So here we go...
Although the snow may be over for now in Texas, I'm still shivering and want to stay warm.
Here is what I've proposed for being back at school:

1. Put together outfit by Gap

Skirt, Jacket, Top: Gap

2. I want to take a risk with funky patterns, do it with me!

Cardigan: Yuma Cardigan, Anthropologie

3. Going out dress for the weekend!

Dress (pair with tights): Anthropologie

5. My hands freeze all the time, I don't know about y'all!

 Ruffled gloves: Echo

5. I'll skip the purse this week, just let me have a clutch!
 Leather clutch: Marc Jacobs

6. Mustard yellow goes a long way so use it sparingly, like these shoes.
 Suede flats: Target

7. Don't forget about your neck!

Scarf: Target

There are my choices of the week, don't go out and spend $1,000 on all of these items, I would only shop at Target (my budget). 
What do you think should be worn this week?

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