Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Morobo orphanage.

On Monday the team and I split into two groups: 4 on each, 1 man/3 woman and my team spent the week at Morobo. We would all gather back at night after teaching to the kids. Like I said the ride to Morobo was rough each day, we would continuously hit pot-holes and the AC wasn't the best in the van. But it didn't matter once we pulled unto the main road because the children were ready to greet us and it brought joy to my heart.

But before I get to the kids, I have a short quick story. Our first day out there we were driving along, hitting pot-holes when all the sudden 30 cattle were in the middle of the road. I immediately thought we would be sitting there for 2 hours watching them walk slowly across, but the cattle were so obedient to their owner. They just walked along side the truck allowing us to take pictures of them. They look a little possessed though, sorry.

Once we got to the orphanage we begin teaching. Our first lesson was "Jesus is in charge of disease!" and talked about Jesus healing the man with leprosy and the faith of the Centurion. The kids were quietly sitting there taking it all in, not like kids in America that find something to be distracting. After we taught the lessons we gave them their construction sheet and 2 note cards with the lesson on it. The first day when we handed them glue-sticks it was so funny to see how they handle them because I'm sure they had never seen one before. By the end of the week we were gluing them for them to save time and be able to dance more.

Here is Ronald with his piece of paper. This little boy was so sweet and loved the camera. Every time I would go to talk to him he would shyly smile and run off with his friends. But when I had the camera with me, he would never hesitate to smile. Later on it would form the shape of a Cross.

After lessons we would play and sing and dance. And take pictures. I love this picture of the boys and girls together.

One day I thought about playing cards with them but couldn't understand how it went. It seemed a little bit like UNO so I would get really excited and then they would change it up on me, so I gave up and took pictures.

Don't they have the best smiles ever?!?! I miss them.

Tomorrow I'll write about the rest of our week at Morobo so come back!

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