Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend in Yei!

We arrived to Yei early Thursday afternoon and got a tour around the EPC Compound where we would be spending our time at. It was so beautiful with all the scenery and voices of the people. There was a village across the river so we could hear families talking and celebrating events as well. One night though it kept me up so that was kinda frustrating, but when I asked why they chanting all night they said it was either a funeral or wedding, I can understand why. For the rest of the day the team just hung out and we met a couple from Scotland who were missionaries living in Yei for about 3 yrs. Hearing their story was encouraging and just where God calls people from to serve Him.

Here's a view of the compound, my room being the building to the far left.
On Friday we went to Morobo (1 of 2 orphanages). The roads were very rough and it took about 2 1/2 hours to go 30 miles. I am so thankful for American roads and the smoothness of the pavement. It was difficult riding here everyday, but seeing the children wiped that away.

Anyways, when we arrived here the children greeted us with many "WELCOME" songs and danced with us. When the mothers/children ran up to dance with us I began sobbing. A joyous cry, a cry of "God thank You for allowing me to be here and this is REALLY happening!" The children love to dance and sing and they have happiness in their hearts.

For the remainder of our time there we took pictures of the kids, did more singing/dancing and the kids spent a lot of time laughing at us as well because our dance moves weren't up to their standards. Those girls dance so much better than us!

On Saturday we went to the other orphanage: Lora where we did the same thing. Pastor Paul gave us a tour around where the children go to class, eat, sleep and play outside. At Lora it was eye-opening to see the mothers out in the field gathering food for the children. One of our translators walked us into the field to see everything they had grown. I felt convicted for the fact that as Americans we can simply walk into a grocery store and gather what we need without having to get it from the ground, clean it off and be outside in any temperature.

This picture convicts me as well to be so thankful for the water we freely are given at any point we want, not only that, but we don't have to worry about dirty water! We don't have to walk to a water well and pump water like this young girl and her friends do everyday. These girls/women/mothers fill up these water jugs and with such balance carry them to their homes. This is something they do everyday.

This picture taken at Lora is of part of my team and the kids singing a song we learned while being at Morobo. It goes "MINE! MINE! MINE! JESUS IS MINE! (3X's) JESUS THE SON OF GOD! I KNOW! I KNOW! JESUS IS MINE! (3X's)" That's it. Simple, truth spoken. This is the last time I would see these children at Lora because I would be spending next at Morobo. But these children are learning, they are well taken care of and Pastor Paul is doing amazing things during his time there. He is being so obedient to the Lord!

Church on Sunday was more than wonderful. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to sit through church in Sudan and see how the Sudanese people worship Jesus. They do a lot of singing, I'm not exaggerating here, they sing a lot! But it was so refreshing, it was so good, all I could do was clap and look around but it was good. Then Bishop Taban (picture of) talked about how the people of Africa need to plan. He wants the people to begin trusting God in such a way where they can set out things for the future. They know they do not have much or make a lot of money, but Bishop believes if they can plan out ways accordingly for the Lord, He will take great care of them.

For the rest of the day we rested. Our team gathered together and got to know one another. We took naps, we ate food with one another and laughed about things with each other.

Tomorrow would begin our journeys with the children, I can't wait to show you their faces! They are so beautiful!

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