Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kerja Jahat Episode 1 : Suspicious in Pink

Mangsa : Jack Abid Daniel
Nama Glamer : Abid
Umur : 25 kot?
Motif : Suspicious
S.O : Lurus (ha?)
Hobby : Futsal
Position : Housemate
Paparazi : Haji Pauzi
p/s : Haji Pauzi bukan nama sebenar.

Pink Nike

Pink Shirt

Pink Baju Melayu

Pink Laptop

Pink Gatsby..Oh & it's pink & it's G baby! ;-)

Wazzzuuppp!! It's Paris Hilton & it's pink ya'll!!

Yo mama! It's Abid in da house wearing pink towel!

In a nutshell, every human have it's own obsession
to something. Abid obsess into pink.
the answer is still SUSPICIOUS.

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