Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breaking Fast @ Legend Hotel

Yesterday me & Lex buka puasa kt...

Legend Hotel..

Nice..lots of food but kurang garam la hotel ini masak...

My favourite OMG tempe!

There is no time 4 decoration cos I'm so hungry! :-p
(but I think I had done a gud job!)

No I dun eat this! This is just 'perhiasan'. After dat, u just throw it!

Jeruk yg sgt delicious..

Marshmellow with Chocolate..yummy!

Ice-cream time!

Perot dah x larat..Food is everywhere & I have to stop searching & chewing!

I had a very happy time with u last nyte! Tq 4 cheering up my day!

I luv u so much Lex :-)

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