Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet 22 Julien Hakym...

Something happens on my 22nd Birthday ;-(
but I'm really glad that I have friends
who really support me on that day.

I just can't believe that 22 years old I am now.
I know I always talk silly & dirty but
deep inside.., I am more wiser to understand
every things that I wanna do
& realize between good or bad.

My dress change. (Now my closet full of Zara!)
Today I am more confident but
not that I am poor in fashion,
I always look up to my brother (tq Sandra!)
because without him,
I dun even know who is Anna Wintour & Hussein Chalayan.
Growing up!

Outside, people look @ me like a kids who still need a hugs from her mother
but in the difference meaning which I can do my very best
all by myself.
Growing up again!

Sometimes I cry.
In a relationship, I'm fail enough to hold
on tight.
Argghh wuteva!

Thank u 4 all your birthday wishes!
I'm appreciate & even felt like crying
to read all your sms & comments in my Facebook.
So sweet & what a nice friend I hv all of u in my life!

To all my friends who come & support my birthday @ Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.

Tq 4 cheering up the day!
I'm so happy with all the joy and laughter!


p/s : The best part is karaoke...Luv to do it again with all of u! Peace! :-)

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