Wednesday, July 21, 2010


From journal:
Yesterday I grew tired when I was in the Word. That reflects so clearly to me my walk sometimes. I grow tired of God, I fall asleep on Him, I don't meditate on His work and teaching. I'm saying to Jesus "Let me get back to you in 20/40 minutes." I don't want to walk in that attitude. I want to be in tune with the Lord constantly. Not just praying once/twice a day, but through everything. My day should look like this:
Wake up= prayer
Breakfast = prayer
On my way to work = prayer
Walking to work = prayer
At work = prayer
Walking back to my car = prayer
On my way home = prayer
At home = prayer
With friends = prayer
Lying in bed = prayer

Next day, again.
Next day, again.

I pray for you brothers and sisters that we wouldn't grow tired of Him. That we would have energy to spend time with Him, to soak up who He is, drawing ourselves closer. We are weak: in need of our Savior daily.

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