Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sprinkles on Top

Have I mentioned that I love ice cream? Did I mention I love sprinkles on top of my ice cream? That I love dessert? Or hanging out with friends? What about taking close up pictures? Well I'm sure I have and that's what my day consisted of and ended with seeing Eclipse! I've moved on from Edward, I'm so TEAM JACOB! Edward got too pale for me, I think he's a chicken and he doesn't take off his shirt at all. Jacob on the other hand is: tan, fights for Bella more and can't afford a shirt.

Yeah, I'll take Jacob!

Of course the night started off with something to eat that was both fairly inexpensive and fulfilling (well mostly). My first time at Potbelly in Highland Village: success

Then I sat my camera on some flower pot stand because I wanted to be included in a picture and it took about five.

Then we wanted to change things up.
Of course we couldn't just have sandwiches and chips (some girls even got cookies there but I wanted something more) so Genna and I got Ben & Jerry's!!!

I forgot what she ordered: something with chocolate and vanilla: I think its cake batter. And then topped it with confetti sprinkles!

Looks pretty delicious there, but this crisp picture below makes it 10x's better!

For me: Cake Batter + Chocolate Therapy + Rainbow Sprinkles = love at first taste

I'm speechless, it's been four hours since then and I would easily have it again.

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