Sunday, July 4, 2010

Continued Fourth

I thought I would add on to the other post because to me its still the Fourth of July, but then I figured I would just post a new one and then I won't have to later today. I went over to friends houses and played various games, laughed a lot, sang songs I don't have a voice to and saw fireworks. But I wasn't close enough to the fireworks to take pictures.

This is what I got pictures of:

A girl made these vanilla sprinkled cupcakes and the cupcake part was either red or blue: I had both.

This is what I chose for dinner, there were various options to choose but this looked the most appetizing and all the potato skins were gone and I had already eaten my corn-on-the-cob.

I love these candles that Sarah had put out, most of us were either wearing Red, White or Blue. I wish I got a picture of my outfit just to show my patriotism.

The guys played washers and croquet; the girls caught up on life or in my case took pictures. I played washers too!

These men took care of majority of the cooking and providing a home for people to chill out and a nice backyard. Thank you Preston and Nate! (expression on their faces says it all)

Hope you all saw beautiful, sparkling, BIG, breath-taking fireworks!

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