Monday, July 5, 2010

daring fashion

Now the two fashion styles i adore (but sadly am not brave enough to try yet) are Avant- Garde and Bohemian. Both these style are quiet unusual, but they both are gorgeous styles.

Avant-Garde; unusual or experimental and unconventional and slightly strange

As you can tell by the gorgeous black dress on the left, Avant- Garde is a little experimental and you will stand out but in the end its worth it because even if you keep it subtle the style is very unique and when done properly is very pretty and sometimes cute!

Bohemian(boho); a socially unconventional person, especially a writer or artist

Boho is sort of like a hippy style. Although from the picture above it dosent seem a very unusual style it can be depending on how far you take it. Now i have always loved the idea of going to a festival and sleeping in a little tent, staying up until midnight sining round a fire. Of course i could just do this but i dont want people thinking i'm being someone i'm not. So i have decided to work my way up the Boho scale. Maybe starting ofF with the hair and just seeing how it goes from there.
So i challenge you to try these style. Even if its just your hair or like me you decide to work yopur way up the scale, you'll be looking uniqually gorgeous in no time.

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